Inspired by a flyer, Paul Smith’s latest gems

Paul Smith’s latest collection was inspired by a jewellery catalogue that was dropped through his letterbox.

The British designersaid he fell in love with the antique pieces in the brochure from Mayfair jeweller Bentley & Skinner.

It included a Georgian diamond Maltese cross brooch that belonged to Richard Bourchier, Governor of Bombay from 1750 to 1760.

Inspired, he approached Bentley & Skinner to ask if its pieces could feature in his Summer 2018 collection.

Sir Paul, 71, trained on Savile Row before creating his eponymous brand, which has dressed stars including Tom Hanks, Jude Law and Jon Hamm. He was knighted in 2000. He said: “I have been receiving a very beautiful catalogue from Bentley & Skinner for quite some time and every time it drops through the letterbox I always think that it’s so perfectly created and laid out. I just kept thinking, ‘wow, these photos would make the perfect ress’”.

The collection consists of a silk shirt, skit, scarf and dress, as well as a leather jacket with silk lining. All feature prints of 31 of Bentley & Skinner’s diamond antique jewels.

Smith said he selected the individual pieces due to his “love [of] the mix of colours, shapes and textures”.

Bentley & Skinner, which holds royal appointments to the Queen and Prince of Wales, also has a large collection of Fabergé items — synonymous with imperial Russia.

Managind director Mark Evans said: “Bentley & Skinner’s identity is completely different to that of Paul Smith’s, the renowned fashion brand, so when Paul came to me last year and asked if he could use photographs from our brochure as the official print for the collection, I was of course delighted”.

“It’s the perfect combination of new and old, where fashion house meets antique house, and a true celebration of British brands”.

The jewellery is currently available at Bentley & Skinner and the items of clothing available to buy directly at Paul Smith from today.

Lizzie Edmonds
Evening Standard
Consumer Affairs Reporter

Inspired by a flyer, Paul Smith’s latest gems