Launch party of the 'TREASURES OF SICILY'

An Exhibition Celebrating the art and craft of Sicilian jewellers run in concurrence with the British Museum’s major exhibition "Sicily". July-August 2016

Alongside a fine collection of old Sicilian coral jewellery, kindly lend by Fecarotta Antichita of Palermo, were displayed contemporary pieces created by the Sicilian jeweller and goldsmith Gaetano Chiavetta and art jewellery designed by Caterina Bonfiglio.

'The Art of Fine Jewellery' Party

Photographs taken at the 'Art of Fine Jewellery' party in collaboration with the Hedge Magazine in March  2014

Launch Party of Opera Danube

Launch party of the company Opera Danube with special guest Dame Felicity Lott. Photographs taken by Benedict Johnson. April 2014.

Bentley's Russian Christmas Party

Photographs taken by Antonia Penia at the Bentley Russian Christmas Party. December 2012.